Denise Swenson's

From Start to Finish

Relocation and Downsizing Experts for Life’s Transitions

We provide support and understanding to individuals who are
in life transitions and require relocating to a smaller residence.

About Clutter Management Organizing Home

"Denise’s attention to detail was amazing. She took care of everything, including things we never even thought of." MV, Pacific Grove

"Very thorough." AD, Monterey

"First she planned and supervised our move, then she did a beautiful job of unpacking and staging our new residence, and making everything functional, convenient and accessible." HC, Carmel

"Thoughtful and delightful to work with." JF, Monterey

"I can’t say enough about how Denise’s compassion and kindness helped me work through my clutter problem. Every session with her was full of new ideas and information that gave me a totally different perspective and ultimately an understanding of how my house got like this in the first place. Once we were finished, everything had a place to go, and Denise set up some systems to follow so that I will never live in clutter again. Thank you so much, Denise! " KP, Carmel

"Denise is truly an artist, with the mind of an architect. Her precision with placement and organizing is complemented by her designers touch. She is efficient, professional, and witty." MW, Marin

And here is a letter of which I am very proud:


Please email Denise at  or  call 831-644-6148.