Denise Swenson's

From Start to Finish

Relocation and Downsizing Experts for Life’s Transitions

We provide support and understanding to individuals who are
in life transitions and require relocating to a smaller residence.

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Denise Swenson is a Project Coordinator known for her management skills, as well as her discerning eye and unwavering knack for placement, space planning and arrangement, for remodeling, organizing and/or moving residences and businesses.

She coordinates with contractors, movers, appraisers, landscapers, gardeners and cleaning personnel to get the job done....From Start to Finish.

Her skills include:

-Seeing the Big Picture
-Finding solutions
-Solving problems
-Thinking and Planning ahead
-Organizing Homes
       Individual Rooms
       Kitchen Cabinets
       Bedroom Closets
-Space Planning
-Clutter Management
-Systems set-up
-Filing cabinets
-Staging a room or a house

Denise's sense of humor, compassionate and caring nature, and commitment to each project, make the process smooth and less stressful.


Please email Denise at  or  call 831-644-6148.